Elisha Rhodes

A message from Elisha Rhodes

Interim CEO and COO of YWCA USA

Welcome, friends, to YWCA USA’s first-ever Racial Justice Summit and Gala, which we’re centering around the theme “In Solidarity We Build.” Our summit and gala will take place in partnership with local association leadership, leading organizations, and key stakeholders, all in pursuit of informing and driving us to realize our mission of eliminating racism.

We have been deeply inspired by the herculean efforts and collective power of the YWCA network to answer the cry for justice in the communities we serve every day — efforts to eliminate racism, to break down barriers at its systemic source, and to raise up and defend the lives of people of color. But these efforts have been more than inspiring — they have been galvanizing.

YWCA USA has long had our ear trained in the direction of the clarion calls for justice. And we have long positioned ourselves as leaders in this field. But we know deeply how no one organization or entity can go it alone.

Friends, we need a community of support to support our communities. “In Solidarity We Build” is essential for the current moment. Join us — all of us.